Spring 2020 Registration is OPEN!


Registration for Spring is now OPEN! 

One of the fastest growing youth sports in the northwest, lacrosse is a team sport that uses speed, strength and skill with an emphasis on sportsmanship and teamwork. 

Bothell lacrosse is open to players K-12 in the Bothell High School feeder pattern. Payment plans are available, click for details!

Team Helmets - Deadline 11/30 (midnight)


Hello Bothell Lacrosse Families,
I know it feels a little early in the school year to be thinking about lacrosse but I want to make sure everyone is on the same page going into next season! We have a ton of players signed-up and things are already on the right track! With that being said, I do have some gear concerns I would like to get out of the way as soon as possible. 
We are hoping to do a team order on helmets These will be the standard Bothell helmets going forward and players will be invited to order them every year but they are optional this season. Here is the link to the helmets . If enough players are interested, we will do a team order at a pretty significant discount to the price shown. There are updated safety regulations in place so if you choose not to order this helmet then know the onus is on you to get yours checked at the high school prior to the start of the season. 
These gloves are completely optional as well but if you are getting new ones for the season I highly suggest them. I would love for our team to be cohesive. Here is the link XXX
If you are not interested in this gear that is completely fine but as you purchase new things for the season remember you will be expected to be in full blue at games. Please let me know if you are interested in a helmet, gloves, or neither. Reach out if you have any questions about current gear or anything else! 
Thanks so much, 
Coach Cartwright

Girls Lacrosse


Girls play lacrosse too!! The Northshore Storm is going strong, open to all girls K-12 in the Bothell, Inglemoor and North Creek feeder patterns.

Northshore Storm is our sister team and its own club. To find out more, visit their website:

Welcome to Bothell Lacrosse!

All the information you need

The family tree of Northshore Lacrosse:


US Lacrosse


Greater Eastside Lacrosse League (GELL)

Northshore Lacrosse

Bothell LAX club 

Inglemoor Lacrosse 

North Creek Lacrosse

Northshore Storm (girls club)


  1. SI Play is great for referring to the schedule, checking the roster during a game to cheer on your teammates, RSVPing to practices and games, etc…  We hope to have a team photographer and videographer uploading to this site after games as well.  (Interested in helping?)
  2. Practice / Game attendance: Please open the “Notification” email reminders sent through League Athletics and click the button whether your child will attend or not. This is important because the volunteer coaches spend much time creating game rosters, lines and plans and depend on knowing who will “be there”!  
  3. Be on time. When practice begins at 5:30, we expect you to have you child there, suited up, and done chatting with friends by 5:30.
  4. Prompt pick up. Our coaches want to get home for dinner, kids homework, etc… Please be respectful to them by picking your player up promptly at  the end of practice.  Arrive early?  The coaches always need help picking up cones and other practice paraphernalia.
  5. Game Etiquette: It is tradition for the fans to sit on the side of the bleachers directly opposite their team’s bench. Let’s sit together and amplify our cheering for our team!
  6. Keep in touch: (Like the posts, please! Each “Like” increases our exposure = more players = more fun for all + BONUS of decreased costs!), SI app, read your emails.
  7. Practice at home! If your coach gives you homework, do it! Stick In Hand as much as possible, wall ball, etc.  
  8. HELP!!!  On the job/On the spot training, No Experience Required!!!

We are always in need of the following:

  • We still need assistant coaches, and practice helpers (shagging balls, etc.)
  • Scorekeepers needed at each game
  • Spotters at each game: call out to the “bench” scorekeeper when we get possession, ground balls, assists, scores, etc…
  • Timer (Home games only)
  • Field Set up: place goals, cones and balls in proper position 30 minutes prior to game time (Home games only)
  • Field take down: after games help pick up cones, balls, goalie equipment, etc…
  • Team Parents for each team: send emails to families for coaches, create Sign Up Geniuses for game help (as described above), create team rosters to hand out to parents.
  • Procuring corporate sponsorships or donated equipment, reduce your cost to play!
  • Equipment manager for the Club  

Why is lacrosse so expensive?

Your fees go to pay for dues to parent organizations, fields, referees, and jerseys.

 All positions are volunteer.  How can it be cheaper?   

  1. Help the Club through finding sponsorships with businesses. Is your company looking for a partnership with a youth organization and a chance to advertise?   
  2. Volunteer as  a coach or board member for a discount.
  3. Buy spirit wear! It helps reduce uniform and equipment costs.
  4. Car stickers: available soon – direct profit to Bothell LAX.
  5. Have other fundraising ideas? Please reach out to us!


Want to learn more about Lacrosse?  Check out the US Lacrosse YouTube channel – search “Basic” for beginners tips and skills.

Need equipment? A properly strung stick is THE most important piece; the biggest difference between a used $25 stick/head and a new $200 stick/head is how it is strung. Play It Again Sports - Woodinville can restring any used stick so it almost throws like the $200 one.

Have feedback?  We are growing and learning and want to hear from you, better yet, come help! Feel free to contact your coaches or reach out to us.

Executive Board - Northshore Lacrosse

Bernie Duerr - Northshore Lacrosse President

Todd Suckut - VP Bothell

James McNeal - VP Inglemoor

Mark Elwell - VP North Creek

Tracy Ballweber - VP Girls

Board of Directors - Bothell Lacrosse

Todd Suckut - President

Alan MacDonald - Vice President

Steve Metz - Treasurer

Gary Erickson - Secretary

Extended Board

Sean Upchurch – At-large

Joy Campbell – At-large

Mark Blomquist – At-large

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Open to all boys K-12 in the Bothell High School feeder pattern.


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